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Buddha Statues (Set of 3)

Buddha Statues (Set of 3)

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Set of 3 Buddha Figurines See no Evil Hear no Evil Speak no Evil. Made from concrete, hand crafted and hand painted.

Let’s take the first phrase: “See no evil.” It means just what it says: “See no evil,” or don’t look upon anything that is evil. Don’t look at evil, don’t watch or gawk at evil, don’t crave evil, don’t let evil enter into your system, not even for a moment.
When we see evil, we digest it, and when we digest it the evil becomes a part of us. We then need to release it in some way, which often has a negative result.
The next phrase, “Hear No Evil,” rests on the same principle. When we hear evil, it becomes part of us. Our body absorbs it like a sponge. Again, it’s like ingesting rotten food; the body can’t hold it, and it needs to come out.
So the tenet “Speak No Evil” differs from the other two. In a sense, it can be seen as the outcome of the other two. In other words, if you “See No Evil” and you “Hear No Evil” you will then “Speak No Evil” because you will be pure. It’s the 1 + 1 = 2 formula.
Thus, the ancient directive to “See No Evil” is a wise maxim that seeks to protect us from evil by warning us not to “see” it in the first place

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